Self-drilling Screws - Provide Positive Fastening Ability

Self-drilling screws are similar to the self-tapping screws but with a drill bit point. They are made of stainless steel or carbon steel. They have high hardness, pullout strength, shear strength and lead threads for perfect fastening in structural steel and wood constructions. When using a self-drilling screw, it is necessary to drill a hole in advance. Here are the features of the self-drilling screws.


Some self-drilling screws of different sizes and head styles.

Some newly produced self-drilling screws.

  • Corrosion resistance, excellent against gas, weathering and other kinds of corrosive factors including salt water.
  • Resistant to acid and alkaline attack.
  • Easy to install, time saving, minimizes labor.
  • High-hardness points and lead threads for drilling and tapping.
  • A variety of colors to suit different purposes.
  • TUV CERT ISO9001:2000 quality assurance.
  • Precise dimension.
  • Long service life.


  • Materials: carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Head types: flat head, pan head, hex washer head and truss head.
  • Drive styles: philips, star, pozi and square.
  • Diameter: 3mm - 6mm.
  • Length: 9.5mm - 150mm.
  • Surface Treatment: blue, yellow zinc plated, black, grey phosphate, nickel plated.
  • Package: in bulk (25kg/ carton) or small packing 100/200/500/1000pcs/box, then in carton or according to the customer's demand.
  • Customer's design and requirement are welcome.
Some blue zinc plated flat head self-drilling screws.

Blue zinc plated flat head self-drilling screws.

Some blue zinc plated pan head self-drilling screws.

Blue zinc plated pan head self-drilling screws

Two grey phosphate truss head self-drilling screws.

Zinc plated truss head self-drilling screws.

Some blue zinc plated hex washer head self-drilling screws.

Blue zinc plated truss head self-drilling screws.

Self-drilling screws have hardened drill points that will drill and thread in structural steel, mild steel, aluminum and wood. These drill points are manufactured in the same method as the high speed drill bits. Self-drilling screws are available in a variety of finishes with unique product features to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.

A self-drilling screw is being drilled into wood.

The man is installing a self-drilling screw.

  • For the fastening process in steel, they are used on steel frame construction or fastening other materials on steel.
  • For the fastening process in wood, they are used for applications in wood structures or industrial lightweight constructions, such as roof deck, flooring.
  • For the fastening process in aluminum, they are used for special industrial applications, construction and manufacturing of windows.

Installation Steps

  1. Choose the proper size of self-drilling screws.
  2. Read the instructions of the self-drilling screws, and drill a small hole with the given size drill bit on the instructions.
  3. Put the self-drilling screw on an electric or cordless drill driver with the proper drive adapter installed.
  4. Drill the self-drilling screw until the head is flush with the surface of the material.
  5. Continue to drill the screws to the material until the work is finished.

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